UPDATE – April 8, 2020

For many employees this is nearing the end  of the third week from working from home.  I am hoping that this transition is going well.

All 10 month employees will continue to work from home, unless specifically requested to be on site  from March 20 – April 27th inclusive.  Most schools have completed their parent contacts and Supplemental Learning Programs are now in place.   EA’s are assisting with program package deliveries and in any other way that they are needed to support continued education for all our students.

All 12 month employees will continue to work from home unless specifically requested to be on site.  All Head caretakers continue to perform daily checks of their assigned facilities.

If individual employees feel the need to be on site for any reason this must be prearranged with the principal or supervisor of the facility.

Please remember, that it is expected that all employees are to be accessible and available during their regular work hours.  Also, posting on social media during work hours, unless it is related to teaching and learning, is highly inadvisable.  All CUPE employees continue to receive regular wages based on the current CUPE 4195 contract.