About us

Executive and stewards


PRESIDENT: John Kunard – (306) 747-7062

VICE PRESIDENT: Debbie Lorenzen – (306) 922-7729

RECORDING SECRETARY: Sharon Gosselin – (306) 763-4150

TREASURER: Michelle Hamel – (306) 922-2463



Bonnie Kuppenbender – (306) 422-8249

Doug Lohmaier – (306) 980-5158


Gregory Farish – (306) 763-7206


Denise Vermette – (306) 764-3036


Aboriginal Committee:
Executive Contact Member – Bonnie Kuppenbender
Committee Members at Large: Vacant

Bylaws Committee: (positions filled when updates are required)
Executive Contact Member – John Kunard, Debbie Lorenze

Good and Welfare Committee:
Executive Contact Member – Debbie Lorenzen
Committee Member At Large:

Please contact Debbie to report any member away from work for eight weeks due to illness.  Also, if you know of any member who has passed away or any member who has lost an immediate family member.  Immediate family member refers to a spouse or a child.

Please contact Debbie @ 922-7729

Occupation and Health and Safety Committee:
Executive Contact Member – John Kunard, Greg Farish
Committee Members at Large

Scholarship Committee:
Executive Contact Member – Sharon Gosselin

A scholarship fund of $15,000.00 per year has been established and is distributed as follows:

Each eligible applicant, up to a maximum of twenty (20 applicants, will receive $750.00.  If more than twenty (20) applications are received then the $15,000.00 will be divided equally between all eligible applicants.

Social Committee:
Executive Contact Member – Bonnie Kuppenbender
Committee Member at Large:

Dot Stewart – 3 year
Sandie Kennedy – 2 year
Laurie Walker – 1 year

Facility Reps

School Name Phone
Arthur Pechey School Ann Praud 306-922-9229
Big River High School Mel Amundson 1-306-469-2288
Birch Hills School Angie Laroche 1-306-749-3301
Canwood School Val Hinson 1-306-468-2150
Carlton Comprehensive High Rita Pakawaga / Bill Fouquette 306-922-3115
Christopher Lake School John McDonald 1-306-982-2131
Debden School Corine Amundson 1-306-724-2181
East Central School Debbie Miller 306-922-8329
John Diefenbaker School Sharon Gosselin 306-763-6031
King George School Shirley Williams 306-763-7571
Kinistino School Melanie Jack 1-306-864-2252
Meath Park School Lisa Bowers 306-929-2131
Osborne Val Frantik 306-922-8078
P.A.C.I. Grant Gillingham 306-763-6485
Princess Margaret School Whitney Kutzan 306-763-5217
Queen Mary School Lisa Swain 306-763-7672
Red Wing School Debbie Lorenzen 306-763-5375
Riverside School Tracy Fiddler/GailDelooze 306-763-6495
Shellbrook Elementary School Chezanne Shewchuk 1-306-747-2588
Spruce Home School Brenda Acorn 306-764-8377
St. Louis Community School Alice Finnestad 1-306-422-8511
T.D. Michel School Ida Allen 1-306-469-2128
Ecole Vickers School Cheryl Yungwirth 306-922-6446
Vincent Massey School Trudy Kristiansen 306-763-7494
Wesmor High School Bonnie Kuppenbender 306-764-5233
West Central School Caylee Guidinger 306-922-8339
Westview School Jenny Maunu 306-922-4094
Wild Rose School Marlene Schutte 1-306-747-2323
W.J. Berezowsky School Vickie Johnson 306-763-7404
W.P. Sandin Composite School Yvette Hamil 1-306-747-2191
Won Ska Cultural School 306-763-3552
T.R.C. Carrie Hazelwood 306-764-4045
S.R.S.D. Education Center Betty Sinclair 306-764-1571
Bus Garage Cheryl Tetarenko 306-763-2323
Maintenance Shop Shawn Roberts 306-764-1773