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  • Health Plan #83400
    Vision Plan #83400
    Dental Plan #83400
    Life Insurance Policy #G0035505
    Long Term Disability #G0035505
    A.D. & D Insurance Policy #G0035505
    Group 0119 – Union Group

Manulife Benefit Package: will be linked to our website in the near future

* Update on rules around opting out of Health, Vision and Dental coverage effective September, 2009:

If an employee has other coverage in effect through another Group Benefit Plan then they can choose to opt out of coverage for Extended Health, Vision and Dental Care for both their dependents and themselves. In order to do this the employee must complete a new enrollment form and indicate the plan numbers that each individual is covered under.

If you have previously opted out of the benefit plans and there is a change to your spouse’s coverage so that you and/or your dependents will no longer have coverage under your spouse’s plan, you must complete a new enrollment form within 31 days of your other coverage ending in order to be put back onto the benefit plan. If you enroll after 31 days of no longer having other coverage, you will be required to complete an evidence of insurability form for Manulife. This could result in temporarily being without benefits or you could be denied coverage by Manulife.