Update March 26, 2020

We have all experienced many changes in our lives these past two weeks.  The unfortunate reality is that these unpredictable changes are impacting our lives daily and likely will continue.  We need to meet these changes and accept that they are all made in our best interests.  With that, we are no longer working from our office at Midtown Hall as it has been turned into a Covid19 testing center site.  So PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE!   I am, for the time being working from home.  If you need to speak to me, please call me @ 306-747-7062

Currently, I have no news to report that has not already been sent to all  CUPE employees from our employer.  Schools remain closed to students and as SRSD employees we are, for the time being, considered on call.  Remember, to follow all the recommendations as set forth by our Health Care Officials and hopefully we will flatten that curve and be all back to work soon.  Stay safe, stay home  and if you need to be out remember to practice social distancing.